Hanging Baskets

We have a selection of hanging baskets from inexpensive to extra fancy and from small to large.  They come in sizes from 10″, 12″, 14″ & 16″.  All our baskets have slow release fertilizer however we recommend feeding throughout the summer to keep your baskets looking their best.

Spectacular Burlap Lined Hanging Baskets

These baskets come in sizes from 14″ up to 24″.

Burlap lined hanging baskets are constructed with a heavy gauge wire and are lined with a burlap matting. The burlap although decorative, holds the soil in the basket and allows for the plants to be planted around the outside of the basket as well as on the top.  The end result is a beautiful and full hanging basket that forms a ball of color.

  • The size of the basket refers to the diameter of the top of the wire basket.  When the baskets are fully grown they can be exceptionally large.  The 24″ hanging baskets are often 36″ to 48″ across when full grown.

  • Hanging baskets come complete with a heavy duty chain and ‘S’ hook to securely hang them in a suitable location.

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